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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Biggest Blue Mars Release Yet!

--Glenn Sanders, Community Director
--(Originally Posted) Dec. 17, 2009 -- Updated Dec. 18.

Flash in Blue Mars

Today we are announcing a breakthrough in virtual worlds – the world’s first system for rendering fully interactive Adobe Flash 10™ content in a high definition massively multiplayer 3D environment. Developers can now create immersive 3D worlds in which thousands of users can experience and interact with Flash™ content simultaneously in any given world. Full press release here. Technical details are on the AR Tools page of the wiki.

Blue Mars Client

Talk about new features and content! First the content. There are two new Cities, and an update to GridRock City. Below are some screenshots to give you a preview of these new spaces.
  • Caledonia has expanded to from Second Life into Blue Mars, bringing gracious living and their 19th-century style to the new world, with some adventurous developers and Caledonians.

  • Pavonis comes to Blue Mars, a lush tropical island archipelago where you can create and share your dreams. Created by Desmond Shang and his talented Caledonian creators.

  • GridRock City has been updated with new buildings and a new look. Check it out!

New features in the Blue Mars client:

  • The new client software is smaller! About 500MB now.
  • New Places Browser that lists cities already on your local computer, as well as cities that are available on the server.
  • Clicking on a city in the Places Browser will download it to your computer in the background.
  • Caledonia and in2Orbit have twitter widgets. Check them out!
  • Improved Communication Panel.
  • Purchased items go into inventory.
  • Clicking on a location no longer makes a sound.
  • A new Bowling minigame is accessible from Beach City.

User MyPage

Announcing the new member MyPage! This is an early version, but it has several useful features.

Edit your Avatar name: Yes, it’s true! You can now finally edit your avatar name. I know a number of “anonymous” or “nil” avatars out there who will be delighted to at last have a fitting moniker.

User Admin: You can edit your email address, password too.

Create your online profile: On the “Top” page you can edit your profile description. In an upcoming version of MyPage you’ll be able to upload an avatar image too.

Inventory list: Get a full list of all the items you have bought. This will be more useful once we finish the ecommerce system and item uploads for developers. Coming soon!

Friends list: Get a full list of all your friends here. In the future, we plan to enable IM messaging from here.

Buy BLU: It’s not working quite yet. Just a few more system components to finish first. But once the system is finished, you’ll be able to buy Blue Mars BLU currency from your MyPage.

Dev Tools

What’s new for Blue Mars developers in this release? More tools and functionality for developers.

Blue Mars City Editor
Big news! The Blue Mars City Editor is now available to everyone though the Dev MyPage!
With the City Editor, City developers can load block layer files and export PAK files. They can upload a CTY pak file to Avatar Reality through FTP.

Blue Mars Block Editor City devs can use the City Editor to define a block. Block devs can use Flowgraph, and can use AR/Common/ARInteriorTester to test interiors.

Blue Mars Shop Editor Shop Owners can create custom a Shop interior and set Shelves for leased Shop through the Dev MyPage.

Blue Mars Furniture Editor Developers can create furniture items and upload them for QA approval through MyPage, in the same way as in Item and Cloth Editors. The QA process tests for technical errors, and does not evaluate content.

Real Estate Page

Developers can use our new Real Estate page to buy a Block with BLU.

Developer MyPage

The updated developer MyPage adds several components to the Blue Mars development platform.

City devs can:

  • upload a City PAK
  • set a price for a Block
  • upload a Block PAK for Block Developers
Block Devs can upload Block Pak to City Developer.

Item Developers can upload Item and set price.

All developers can buy BLU currency.

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