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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Mars - Changing the Virtual Landscape

--Glenn Sanders, Community Director
--(Originally Posted) Jan. 25, 2010

Vast Land Size
Blue Mars is changing the way the world thinks about virtual real estate.  Some legacy platforms have huge bandwidth requirements, which affects pricing, land size and content.  With our scalable platform, you can make your land as large as you like.

Set your creativity free!
What would you build if you owned a vast virtual estate?  Imagine a lush tropical paradise, or a huge floating city.  An archipelago, a giant sports center, a Chinese temple, a domed metropolis beneath the sea, or a castle from ancient Japan.  How about a futuristic space station in orbit, or a colony of asteroids?

256 square kilometers...seriously?!
Okay, there are practical and technical limits for the city size. The maximum size is 256 square kilometers (16 km x 16 km). (Yes that is kilometers with a K, not meters.) But you get the idea. No longer are you limited by size or arbitrary limits on the number of items on your land.

Pricing that is Out of This World
At USD$30, our pricing packages for leasing a City will put virtual land ownership within the reach of virtually everyone.  Why on Earth... Er, rather why on Mars are we doing this?  The vitality of any world arises from the content, environments and activities that people can experience, as well as the human interactions in that world.

So what are you waiting for?!?  Check out the pricing packages right away, and find one that is perfect for you. Then get started building your own City, and bring your vision of to life!

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