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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Mars new features for Sept. 2

--Glenn Sanders, Community Director
--(Originally Posted)Sept. 1, 2009

New Blue Mars Feature #1:  Chat History
Scrolling chat history. Helps you keep track of the conversation and avatar names! The chat history window shows the avatar name and what they typed.

By the way, I suggested the limit be 1000 messages. So that's what it's set to right now. If you think it should be longer, post about it on our forum.

I'll be posting more features and screenshots here, after i tweet about them.

So be sure to follow and get all the news before it goes live here on the blog!

    image of scrolling Chat history
New Blue Mars Feature #2:  Menu Tray
Our designer created a Menu tray with animated icons. This provides an intuitive way to find what you need. And you can move the Camera icon anywhere you like.

The Camera icon lets you select from 4 cam zoom settings: 3rd person, half body view, head and shouders, and 1st person.

What features do you want to see? Post about it in our forum.

  image of Menu tray
image of Menu tray
New Blue Mars Feature #3:  Log out button
We added Logout button to the bottom right corner of the screen. Use this to log out correctly. Then the server will know you're gone. This would let you log right back in if you need.
  image of Log out button
New Blue Mars Feature #4:  Friends Request
Right-click an avatar and choose Friend Request from the menu. This sends an invitation to the avatar. If they click Accept, they are added to your friends list.

Can you guess what feature is next?
  image of friends request dialog box
New Blue Mars Feature #5:  Friends List
When you click the Friends icon in the Menu Tray, the program will display your friends list at the bottom of your screen. Click the Friends icon again, to turn off the friends list.

This list shows your friends names and their online status.A green dot means Online. A gray dot means they are offline. This is an interim design that will change in the next version.
  image of friends list button
New Blue Mars Feature #6:  Home Button
There is a new Home button in the top left of the screen. Click this to return to the staging area. From there you can click one of the 5 signs to visit another destination.
  image of Home button
New Blue Mars Feature #7:  New Bikini for Fem Avatars
Female avatars will thrilled when you open your clothing inventory and find a new string bikini. I can see your avatar smiling already.

Now you have a new bikini that you can wear at the beach, or lounging in the sun as your avatar gets a nice tan!

What kind of clothes would you like to see in Blue Mars?
Post your thoughts on our forum. There are many clothing creators who would love to hear what you like.

Become a Blue Mars developer!
If you create clothing, we invite you to register to become a Blue Mars developer at It is fast, free and easy.
  image of bikini button

New Blue Mars Feature #8:  Sample Apartment
After you arrive in Beach City, go across the street into the hotel.

Inside the hotel, on your right you will see a door that is highlighted when you put your mouse over it.

Click the door to enter the apartment.

There is a tutorial video on the wall to the left of the bookshelves. The video shows how to move things around. Right-click an object to move or delete it.

In the final version, your deleted items will appear in your inventory.

You can do anything you want in there, because it is a sample apartment, so everything resets after you leave.

Click the large door to return to the hotel.

  image of bikini button
Let us know what you think on the Blue Mars Forum.

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