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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Mars: The Next Stage

--Jim Sink, CEO
--(Originally Posted) Mar. 23, 2010

For the past three years, we’ve been laying the foundation for Blue Mars so developers can create extraordinary 3D experiences and share them in their own personalized virtual world that is scalable and secure. Considering the incredible content under development and already available on Blue Mars, it’s been time well spent. Now that the Blue Mars development tools are out in the wild and being used by thousands of creators from around the world, we are growing as a company to support this new wave in virtual world development and to meet the challenge of creating the very best experience for our users and developers.

With that goal in mind, I’m thrilled to announce that Trent Ward, former Creative Director at Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, has joined Avatar Reality as our new Vice President of Design. Trent has a track record of creating fantastic games and designs and is leading our efforts to make the developer and user experience more intuitive, effective, and fun. “This is really the culmination of a dream for me,” Trent said when I spoke to him last week. “Blue Mars is finally making it possible for anyone to bring their own 3D worlds to life and share them with others. The tools are in place to allow anyone to create full games, meeting places or expansions of Internet experiences that reward users, encourage community and really push the visual and audio experience. I find it amazing and exciting to be able to enable artists and designers to spend their time working on how to build killer-apps and imaginative content rather than fighting battles with technology or looking for a publisher!”

Trent will help ensure that core features in Blue Mars like communication, navigation, interactive events, and discovery meet the needs of the community and provide new frontiers for innovation and creation. His work along with our talented development team will help us more rapidly respond to requests from the community and continue to make Blue Mars even better for users and developers. Along with our ongoing efforts to improve our existing service and software, we are building new promotion, distribution, and reporting tools to help our customers succeed, along with developing new and simpler methods for creating content in Blue Mars and sharing it with on the web. To fuel these essential development efforts, we’ve secured an additional $4.2 million dollars in investment. This funding represents a huge vote of confidence from our investors and will help ensure that Avatar Reality succeeds in our mission to create the ultimate platform for immersive 3D content.

As Avatar Reality grows along with the Blue Mars community, let me thank the tireless efforts of the team as well as the incredibly generous and productive feedback that we continue to receive from the Blue Mars user and developer community. We are always looking for ways to make Blue Mars better for you and your feedback is absolutely vital to our development. It’s been a privilege to work alongside such an incredible group of talented teammates and help build a platform that serves such an inspiring collection of artists, designers, programmers, and people from around the world creating the new frontier in virtual worlds.


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