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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st of July Blue Mars Update!

The Blue Mars MMO is back Online.

What's new in the July 1 Client release?

  • New Zoom way up feature! (with mouse scroller)
  • Many new features for private messaging (PM)!
    • Clickable hyperlinks are here.
    • Copy and paste is now enabled.
    • Offline PMs are now enabled. You will receive offline PMs when you log in!
    • Fixed a bug that caused the WASD keys to move the avatar when chatting privately.
    • Groups for private messaging are now enabled.
      1. Click the Friends icon to open the Friends list.
      2. Click the group icon at the top of the Friends list panel.
      3. Type a name for the group, then click Done.
      4. Drag and drop names from your Friends list to the new group.
    • Mute / Unmute a person in your friends list to block or receive messages from them.
      1. Click the Friends icon to open the Friends list.
      2. Click the group where the friend is located to open the group.
      3. Click the friend's name to open the options menu.
      4. Choose Mute or Unmute.
    • Private chat status icons added:
      PM status icons
      To change your status: Choose the option from the menu at the bottom of the Friends List window.
  • Bare feet! You can now remove hair and shoes from your avatar body.
  • Command line options are now supported by the client software.
  • Crash log: The client software now creates a crash log file to assist in troubleshooting (default location: My Documents\My Games\Blue Mars\game.log).
  • Voice chat log files have been moved from C:\VivoxLogs to My Documents\My Games\Blue Mars\VivoxLogs (default location).
  • Fixed a bug that caused City-limited clothing items to not be correctly constrained to the designated city.
Developer Release Notes:
  • New Developer tool features.
  • New Developer MyPage features.

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