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Friday, July 30, 2010

Blue Mars Outposts Sell Out

--Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

As of August 2nd, 2010, the outpost package will no longer be available. The Outpost City program was intended as an introductory program to encourage the development of new Cities in the early days. As the number of Cities in Blue Mars continues to grow, we believe now is the time to promote the development of content within our existing Cities, for those people interested in building on a smaller level.

As an alternative to the Outpost, we want to encourage developers to explore the option of renting Blocks. Block rentals allow you the freedom to build your vision and experiment with the Blue Mars dev tools, but you have the help and input of the City dev, who has already been through the building and uploading process, and can help guide you through it.

The Blue Mars vision for the future is one of varied content, something for everyone. We know people coming to Blue Mars will be looking for different things, exploring, fashion, socializing, and gaming. Just as real Cities develop neighborhoods and subcultures to reflect the wants and needs of local residents, Blue Mars will be a robust collection of the best, most realistic 3D content possible.

If we put the expertise and imaginations of the most talented 3D artists in the metaverse into one platform, and allow them to collaborate with, challenge, and learn from each other, the result will be much more immersive and visually astonishing than having hundreds of single Cities.

The more content and activities are in a City, the more people will enjoy visiting it, and that means they will return to visit again. The more people that visit a City, the more successful Block and Shop owners will be. If Block and Shop owners are successful, it will encourage other devs to build, which will create more content for future visitors to enjoy.

There are Blocks and Shops available for rent in many different Cities including Misty Hollow, Tharsis, Gaia, Cloud City, Caledonia, GridRock City and Fashion Esplanade. The term “Block” refers to a parcel of land, and there are as many different sizes and types of Blocks to choose from as there are ideas for things to build on them. In Capitalantis, a Block is an entire tropical island. And no matter what the general theme of the City might be, the diversity of content that can be built on a Blue Mars Block is only limited by your imagination.

The Blue Mars developer tools are free, and you do not require hosting while you develop your City, Block or Shop on your own PC. So why not experiment and see what you can create? Build something beautiful, and then find the perfect Block to rent to host it. If you develop a great City, you can lease a Village plan starting at $275/month.

Check out our Shop and Block Marketplace to find the ideal location to fit your needs!

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