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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Minutes with Takayuki Niwa, Avatar Reality's Senior Server Programmer

-Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

Takayuki Niwa a Senior Server Programmer at Avatar Reality, Inc, has been helping to build Blue Mars for just over 2 years. Niwa focuses on creating server applications and databases.

Blue Mars isn’t the first game he has worked on, Niwa was also a main battle programmer for “Final Fantasy IX” and “Parasite Eve”, both for Playstation. He is originally from Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, and attended KEIO University in Kanagawa, one of Japan's top universities.

Niwa is hardworking and quiet, at least on the surface. But he has an extreme side when it comes to hobbies.

Believe it or not, Niwa has skydived more than 1,250 times! He was inspired to take his first leap out of an airplane when he watched the movie "Point Break."

More recently, he has gotten into base jumping, widely considered to be one of the most dangerous activities in the world, and has made 5 base jumps.

When he isn’t working, or diving out of planes, Niwa enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, listening to music, preferably Underworld, The Prodigy, or Limp Bizkit, and eating his favourite foods, sushi and sashimi.

Favourite movies include The Thing, Desperado and Reservoir Dogs. His favourite book is The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene.

He also enjoys travelling, and names Los Cabos, Mexico as the best place he has ever visited.

Niwa would like to see some great new content in Blue Mars, everything from Cities, to Shops to Items, and is excited for the future of the platform. “Server side is an unsung part of Blue Mars, but we are working hard to make a better environment for all Blue Mars Members and Developers.”

Check out the links below to see Niwa in action, skydiving and base jumping!

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Sky diving:

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