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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where We're Headed

--Jim Sink, CEO

Everyone here at Avatar Reality believes in the potential of immersive high-definition 3D to revolutionize the way we play, learn, and explore online. Given the rapid advancement of computing technology and our nature to want to connect and interact with each other and the things we enjoy, it’s inevitable that a platform will emerge that will make compelling interactive 3D content easy to develop and simple to share. That is our audacious goal for Blue Mars.

To drive the growth and evolution of Blue Mars, we’re focusing on making content in the world easier to find and easier to access. To help people discover and explore the growing world of Blue Mars and the amazing content in it, we’re providing new avenues to link to Blue Mars content directly from the web, building new options for in-world mapping, improving avatar movement, overhauling the Places Browser, providing new control schemes, offering new display and rendering options, simplifying registration, and streamlining downloads.

In addition to the improvements to the client and websites, we are also releasing new updates to the developer tools including a new animation editor and expanded documentation and tutorials. Many of these enhancements are scheduled for our update later this month. Later in the year, we’ll offer the ability to customize private residences as well as new platform wide expansions targeting gameplay, music, and dancing. We’re constantly working to improve the Blue Mars developer and user experience and will continue to release updates to the platform on a regular basis. The ongoing constructive feedback from our passionate user and developer community has been an invaluable resource that has helped us improve Blue Mars and prioritize new feature development.

Beyond direct platform development, we’re working closely with an extremely popular game IP to connect their web content with a new game area inside Blue Mars. In conjunction, we’re also developing a remotely rendered version of Blue Mars that users will be able to stream to their computer without worrying about application installations or 3D hardware and Windows OS requirements. These efforts are designed to attract a wave of new users to Blue Mars who may have never experienced the magic of virtual worlds and 3D games. We look forward to announcing the partnership and demoing a streaming version of Blue Mars in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please join our Twitter feed and Facebook page for the latest news and attractions on Blue Mars.

See you on Mars,

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