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Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Mars' Halloween Costume Closeup!

--Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

We LOVE Halloween! Any excuse to dress up ridiculously and eat mass quantities of chocolate is pretty great! To help you celebrate this year, we have some awesome Halloween events AND a really great 1000 BLU$ deal to get you in the spirit!

First, decide on a costume, and finish it. Get creative with a full body skin, or clothing and hair designed to look like your favourite movie character, something hot and sexy, a crazy cool face paint, a monster, alien, or a zombie.

Second, take a picture of your avatar all Halloween’d up and post it to our Facebook Page between now and midnight PDT on Oct 31. Be sure to include your unique Blue Mars UserID!

We will grant you 1000BLU$ for posting your creative crazy costume to Facebook, whether it be scary, silly, or scintillating! Either paste the link to your picture on our Facebook Page wall, or upload it to the Photos section of our Facebook Page!

Want to double your BLU$? Join us on Friday, October 29 for our spooky TGIF Halloween Monster Mash at 6 pm PDT in the Blue Mars Welcome Area.

Famed virtual world fashionista Iris Ophelia will be judging a costume contest and will award BLU$ prizes to the Scariest, Silliest, Most Daring and Most Creative costumes!

Check out our Events Calendar to find out about lots of other fun Halloween activities!

Wondering where to look for costume ideas in Blue Mars?

Beach City has some great skins, including orcs, dragons, aliens, and bugs. Also look for bright coloured skins from Adam and Eve, purple, green and blue, available in Beach City and Caledonia.

While you’re in Caledonia, swing by Mako’s shop for the perfect fedora for your mobster costume, or check out Irkmade or Candybytes to head back in time with a Victorian flair.

Stop by Tharsis for great shoes and wardrobe pieces, everything from leather to latex. Fashion Esplanade has a great range of dresses for ladies, and sharp suits for men. Looking for some crazy cool hair or angel wings? Then you need to head to Cloud City.

For any futuristic clothing needs, GridRock City has you covered, and for fun accessories, like a fish head, or alien antennae, visit Davy in Misty Hollow. Get your witch garb at the Venezia costume shop.

For more inspiration, check our blog every Friday to get more great Halloween tips from Iris Ophelia, as she discovers the best new content in Blue Mars!

Official Rules:

1. One 1000BLU$ prize will be granted to each person who uploads a picture of their avatar Halloween costume and their UserID to the Blue Mars Facebook Page. Limit one per person.

2. Do not submit account costumes from your alternate accounts. They will not be granted the BLU$ prize. We can tell... ;)

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