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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blue World Notes: DavyRocket's Video Tutorials for Fellow Blue Mars Builders

DavyRocket has been making a series of good and helpful video tutorials for fellow Martians who want to learn how to build in Blue Mars. Like this one below, in which he shows you how to make a working elevator:

See many more here. Davy joined Blue Mars from the virtual world There, which has since closed. Impressed by the graphics and developmental tools of Blue Mars, he upgraded his system in preparation for making his virtual world immigration. "What inspires me to make the videos is all the knowledge I have learned from others," he tells me, "and mainly trial and error to share with others in what not to do. I enjoy giving back to the community."

What about Blue Mars should I write about next? Email and let me know: hamlet at bluemarsonline dot com.

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