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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue World Notes: A Widget for Easily Displaying Cool Blue Mars Pictures on the Web

Koinup: Your <a href="">Virtual Life</a>

What you're looking at above is a widget displaying the coolest screenshots of Blue Mars uploaded to Koinup, a social network for virtual world users. (They're cool because Koinup members rated them as such.)

You can display it on your own blog or website too: Go here to the Widgets page, select your preferences in the Create Your Widget section (be sure to select Blue Mars, of course!), copy the Embed code at the left of the page, paste it into your blog, and there you go -- instant slideshow of Blue Mars awesomeness.

Full disclosure: The good folks at Koinup are former sponsors to my personal blog, but then that's why I knew about this cool tool. What other web tools do you recommend for sharing Blue Mars content online?

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