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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue World Notes: In Blue Mars City ARAF, Turkish Artist's Spectacular Vision Being Realized in 3D

The Blue Mars city of ARAF is still evolving, and probably always will. Created by Arzach Mills, a 3D graphics artist from Istanbul (who also makes marvelous avatars), ARAF is based on an amazing line drawing by the Turkish artist Bahadir Baruter, a friend of Arzach's. (You can see detail from Baurter's drawing above, next to a similar location in ARAF, but to see the full drawing, go here and be amazed.)

"ARAF is my first City Work and I'm still learning City Development," Arzach tells me. That may be, but it's already full of fine details and amazing vistas, a place you should explore with friends for hours, a City with hints of Istanbul itself, one of the world's oldest and greatest cities, and fantastic cities that never were.

Which is probably why Arzach Mills isn't sure if ARAF will ever be fully and truly complete: "I don't know when I will finish it. Maybe I will not finish it anytime. After all, he adds with a philosophical grin, "Machu Pichu was not finished... Is New York finished?"

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