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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue World Notes: Master Second Life Builder Maxwell Graf Bringing Rustica Race Course to Blue Mars

What you're looking at above is an early glimpse of Rustica, a Blue Mars location currently under development and expected to go online sometime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. If you're a longtime Second Life Resident, you'll probably recognize that name, because Rustica was also the name of an incredibly gorgeous SL sim. Both are the creation of 3D artist Maxwell Graf (his avatar name in both worlds.) Famous in Second Life for his beautiful natural settings and furnishings, Mr. Graf has since focused all his metaverse talent on creating a version of Rustica in Blue Mars.

As with the Second Life version, Rustica will be a beautiful mountain and forest setting with trails and tunnels, and eventually, when vehicles are introduced to Blue Mars, a place for 4x4 racing.

"[I]t may initially be nothing more than a glorified natural park with hiking trails for a bit, 'till things allow for further development." Maxwell allows. However, that's before he introduces the man-eating bears and the sharks off the coast -- yes, sharks.

Rustica's birch trees are composed of hand-painted bark and leaf textures

A professional digital artist since 1982, Maxwell Graf's done 3D product design for a number of major department stores, then began creating Second Life content after joining that world in 2006. He began following Blue Mars shortly afterward.

See more screenshots and design notes for Rustica on the Blue Mars forum.


  1. Genetic Drifter has back packs in the pipeline. I can easily see the day coming where people will gather a group of friends together from inner city urban drudgery and head off, not for an hour but maybe for a whole weekend, to Blue Mars. They will walk paths, find breath taking views, stop for chats and, that night, around a campfire, Charlie will finally tell his close friends that he's gay... Ah fanciful imagination? The reality of Blue Mars is awesome, Max is a master. To quote one of the most famous " models " a Nexus 6, "I have seen things you people would not believe...." sorry Im just The Fool

  2. Max is a wonderful builder. I am glad to see him expanding his dreams.

  3. Will the sharks have laser beams attached to their heads?

  4. Seeing the way Max has been treated in SL wouldn't surprise me if abandons SL for BM entirely.

  5. 0.0 Max is famous lol. Can't wait to check out BlueMars and see your new sim. I got attacked by a bear last time I was at your track heh and then got eaten by a shark.. trying to get away from the bear.. Wonder if Tricia been in BlueMars yet


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