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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue World Notes: Questing in Wildwood, a Terraformed Martian Homeland in Blue Mars

Inspired by a tip from virtual world explorer GoSpeed Racer, my next point of call in Blue Mars is a place called Wildwood, which looks like a forest and meadow glade somewhere in maybe New England, but is actually a terraformed homestead on Mars. We know this because the heirs of Sir David Nimblefingers, one of the first pioneers of the newly remade Mars, has left a journal documenting its founding. A variety of flora and fauna have been imported from earth, making the place lush with life and spangled with Autumnal color. And while the animals (deer, bears, etc.) are not very locomotive as yet, they will soon be animated, with robotic rangers to care for them, with big game hunting and other excitements planned. (Read more about Wildwood's development schedule here.)

For now, beyond the exploration of an amazingly-realized forest scene (the ambient sound effects are a really great touch), there's a quest, taking you from one clue to the next, with a prize at the end. Just find the mushroom near the cabin, click on it, and begin.

Where next in Blue Mars, dear readers?

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