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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blue World Notes: University Recreating Historical Sites in Blue Mars for “Immersive Learning” Experience

The Japanese temple in Blue Mars depicted in a short machinima last weekend is just a small glimpse of a much larger Blue Mars project coming this month: Developed by Ball State University's Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (or IDIA), an interdisciplinary studio, the school is recreating a number of historical landmarks in Blue Mars, with an unprecedented level of detail. The finished Byodo-in temple in the video, for example, will include a Buddha statue that's been laser-scanned from an existing figurine in Ball State's museum. The goal, IDIA’s developers tell us, is not just to create the artifacts from the museum, but the original historical context in which they first existed as well.

So for example, while IDIA is also laser scanning two sculptures made by Adolf Weinmam from the Panama World’s Fair, the studio will integrate them in a replica of the "Courtyard of the Universe", where they first existed in 1915. (Take a look at the video above.) This will be an immersive learning experience accessible to anyone in Blue Mars, from casual visitors to educators and students alike. IDIA is also developing a Blue Mars campus to help other educators interested in working in Blue Mars.

See more at IDIA’s site and YouTube page, and more updates on this blog soon.

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  1. Very interesting!

    Are there any resources provided by Avatar Reality that give information specifically for academics interested in exploring Blue Mars?

    I poked around the Blue Mars website and forums but couldn't find anything about education except this blog post and one made back in May about Hawaii Technology Academy's work.

  2. Arcadia run by TERC was extremely successful. Check out The Forum posts on Arcadia . Arcadia is still active, try Bone Collecting and taking your findes to the analysis table. Then check out The Theory Board. My blue mars Blog featured many posts on Arcadia have a Blog about Arcadia. I am an educator myself and intend to run on line courses using the immersive chat room facilities in Blue Mars. With the likes of Moodle and utilising SCORMS, much can and will be done. Please feel free to contact me


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