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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue World Notes: What is IDIA Lab, and What Is It Doing in Blue Mars?

Here's just a small glimpse at IDIA Lab, an amazing and very ambitious (in my totally biased opinion) project coming soon to Blue Mars:

But what is IDIA Lab? Not just a simulation of feudal Japanese as this video suggests. I'm told more will be revealed very soon.


  1. Seems to be lacking the details and touches that make a fine build. I've seen much better Japanese builds in Second Life.

  2. I believe it's an early preview; may want to explore first-hand to give it a fair compare and contrast.

  3. I made a video from screen shots they are on OnlyBlueMars (dot) com it is much more than "Feudal" it is hi tech too see the office design. Im teaching BM ppl Japanese in my spare time. So desu boku no nihongo wa totemo heta desu gome ne. This is overshadowed by the news that Microsoft have bought Vivaty "The rumor that Microsoft is bidding on troubled virtual world Second Life just got a bit more interesting. It turns out that Microsoft is the previously unnamed company that acquired Vivaty, a virtual world competing with Second Life that went out of business in April. " Its on my blog

  4. I did a review of IDIA labs on September 11th. The video with comments is here :

  5. I would just like to say that I fully repudiate the words attributed to me above. While I never miss an opportunity to dampen somebody's enthusiasm, I never said any of that!

  6. Protip: Blue needs to employ Draxtor or someone like him to quickly and professionally make Blue videos. Blue content on youube is pathetic, 90% of the Blue videos are at least a year old and are full of bots, talking about the "promise" of Blue Mars.

    The few short ones like this are more like tests, underwhelming at best. I found this on in particular to be remarkably non-spectacular compared to many builds on SL--so why show it if it's not finished yet??)

    I am one of Blue's biggest fans and yet good luck to me if I want to show someone why they should download and log in.


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