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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue World Style: Electron Tri-D for a Sharp-Dressed Martian Man

I hate to think that I've been neglecting the men's side of Blue Mars fashion, but I undoubtedly have. Today I'm hoping to make up for that by sharing a shop I came across while searching for a new hairstyle for Hamlet, Electron Tri-D in Tharsis Estates. If that brand sounds familiar, it's because they made the Mike body shape and skin I mentioned in my last menswear article. Since then they've branched out into making hair, clothing, and accessories as well as buff skins and shapes.

When it comes to their meshwork and texturing, this tank top proves that they really aren't slouches with their work. The wrinkles feel very natural, the edges are finished so they don't look too artificial, and the texture of the fabric itself is clear. This shirt is a great example of what can be done with clothing design in Blue Mars, on the same level as Shade City and Moxxi.

If you're looking for a nicely detailed pair of running shoes, Electron Tri-D is the place to go. These shoes are available in about a half dozen different color combinations to match just about anything you can throw at them. They are a bit on the expensive side compared to a lot of other designers, and this is an issue that you'll notice with a lot of Electron merchandise, but in this case the detail of these shoes makes it worth the price tag.

This mohawk is what brought me to the shop in the first place. Along with a stubbly shaved head style, this hawk comes in a few different colours and is a good addition to an edgy avatar. I'd like to see this for the girls as well, to be honest. It might be a bit too hardcore to be Hamlet's every-day hair, but I'd sure like to try it out myself!

Last but not least, that enduring staple of a varied wardrobe, jeans. Electron has these jeans in a variety of different washes, ranging from the classic acid wash to the more modern black. Like the tank top, the texturing and wrinkles of the mesh work together beautifully to make an impressive finished product. I would compare these to my favorite jeans for women in Blue Mars in terms of quality, so I can't recommend them enough!

I'm looking for foxy guys who want to help me cover more menswear in Blue Mars! Leave a comment or drop me a line with your favorite menswear items and shops!

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