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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blue World Style: How to Wear the Paper Ruffle Skirt

One of my earliest purchases in Blue Mars was the Paper Ruffle skirt by Electric Geisha Pty Ltd in Beach City, but I had a hard time putting an outfit together around it because it is fairly unique in its design. Nothing quite seemed to work with it. I finally overcame this little roadblock very recently, so I've based my outfit-du-jour around the modestly chic look that came together around it.

I grabbed this conservative little vest from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates, which is almost an exact match for the brown palette used in the skirt. It's not a perfect fit with the skirt, which has a ruffle around the top that clips through the vest the way that I've had to layer it, but given how well everything else works together, it's a sacrifice that I can live with. Mesh breakthrough isn't the end of the world for me, but if it is for you you may need to tweak this look accordingly. I've also chosen a hairstyle from Tirion, something sleek and simple to match the attitude of the skirt and vest. I layered the vest over one of the executive t-shirts by Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade. The next obstacle was what shoes to pair with the ensemble. I opted for the white default flats, which are really well made. I'd never really taken a close look at them before until I needed something to match the colors of this outfit, and now that I have I'm really impressed by their quality, particularly the seamwork and the gold accents. I would prefer a pair of ballet flats to the loafer-look, but all things considered these shoes are an excellent little freebie for the Martian ladies. My final touches to this outfit are the silver hoop earrings from Sketchy Fever in Gaia and my favorite square-framed glasses from Shade City.

I'm still desperate for more ways to wear this super cute skirt! If you've got another look to share, leave a comment or send me an email!

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