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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blue World Style: Japanese Developer Yukimaru Koba's Gorgeous Blue Mars Self

I've come across Yukimaru Soba's Second Life menswear shop, Z#Road, several times, and it was one of the first highly visible Japanese brands that emerged there. I was a little surprised then when I was shown a blog post on the Japanese Second Life community blogging hub, SLMame, and almost immediately recognized the super-sweet face of the red-tipped brunette Yukimaru. He's written there about his first experiences exploring New Venice, for better and for worse, and taken some amazing pictures along the way. The reason I'm the one fawning over Yukimaru rather than Hamlet is that in exploring Blue Mars, he's created a custom avatar for himself that is absolutely one of the most gorgeous things I've seen in a virtual world to date.

You'll have to pardon me for gushing, but the natural and seamless fall of his hairstyle, the careful detailing in the glasses, the texturing and meshwork of the jacket– down to the shoulder seams– just blows me away! Yukimaru's avatar is an absolute work of art, and the pictures he's taken of himself in Blue Mars for this blog post are just as stunning. The header of his blog seems to make it clear that Yukimaru has 3D modeling and development experience, and given his history as a content creator in Second Life I'm hopeful that he'll eventually open up shop in Blue Mars and share his amazing talents.

You can see Yukimaru's original blog post here in Japanese, or in English (more or less) via Google Translate.

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