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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue World Style: The Life of a Shade City Mannequin

Today I've joined the adorable Shade mannequins to model a favorite ensemble from Shade City. Shade City is easily one of my favourite shopping sites in all of Blue Mars. It was actually the first place I ever spent BLU$, and the first place that got me excited about Blue Mars as a platform for high quality virtual fashion.

First of all, I absolutely love this ruffled tank top and I wear it at every opportunity. The ruffles along the bust and the careful mesh work of the loose folds are an excellent demonstration of Shade's software capabilities, which is of course kind of the point of this particular city. My one complaint with this tank top is that it would benefit from shorter straps, since the very long and low straps draw he eye down quick far in a way that produces the illusion of your chest being much lower than it actually is. This could be remedied by layering this tank top with a black bolero from Zuma in Misty Hollow, so if it bothers you a bit keep that styling tip in mind!

I think the black and white striped version of this ruffly tiered skirt is a perfect match with this top, and I couldn't resist buying the pink and black version as well (ruffles have just got to be one of my favorite things in mesh clothing). I've finished the outfit off with my favorite mid-length brown Shade hairstyle which also seems to be the mannequins' favorite style, and the Hanako sandals– which have a really charming little heart detail on the straps. These sandals are a little simpler than the default black strappy sandals, and I think they're also a little more flattering on the feet.

What's your favorite Shade City ensemble? As always, comment or email me to share!

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