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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue World Style: Modern European Elegance Inspired by New Venice

My favourite city in all of Blue Mars is without a doubt New Venice, invariably I find myself there when I need some style inspiration, or even a little calming virtual me-time. The vivid colours, the play of light and shadow, and the lush plant life – what's not to fawn over? So, I've put together a posh and simple ensemble with a bit of European flair in homage to the rich neo old-world style of New Venice.

The focal point of this outfit is the Poppy dress and scarf combination by GrabJo in Shade City. This dress is another simple and classic party dress in the same vein as Mako Magellan's Emma Fortuny dress, which I wrote about several weeks ago. In Poppy's case, I would really love a separate version of the scarf from this dress to throw on for a splash of color and elegance with other outfits, even to emphasize the deep purple tones of Emma.

I'm in the Blue Mars default skin, though I've added freckles and brows to match the short red flipped hairstyle from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates. This hairstyle is another piece I've had for a little while, but I hadn't quite found the right look to complement it. I think in this case it works perfectly because the vivid red really brings out the blues and purples of the dress while also mirroring the terra-cotta color that dominates much of the building in New Venice. I've finished the outfit with another inventory default, the strappy women's sandals. I don't wear them too often as I find they make the feet appear a bit long, but their simplicity and delicacy made them too perfect to pass up in this case.

What Blue Mars city inspires your style most? Leave a comment, or email me!

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