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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue World Style: A Punk Princess of Mars

A couple weeks ago when I posted this gorgeous goth look, I also shot a punk princess look to save for another alternative style post which I usually reserve for Fridays. However for the next three Fridays, starting tomorrow, I'll be covering the best ghoulish and ghastly Halloween costume ideas to inspire you to participate in Blue Mars' Halloween festivities! That means that today I'll be sharing my punk princess look instead, and naturally I'll be sharing it in the SingTel City mall– just point me towards the nearest Hot Topic!

Two elements of this outfit will look familiar. I'm recycled the Moxxi armwarmers from Port Town, as well as the fishnets from GrabJo in Shade City (and once again, the inverted honeycomb pattern showing on my legs is just a result of my lighting, the actual product is a standard fishnet mesh look). The clompy checkered platform oxfords I'm wearing, as well as the Fearless t-shirt, are also from Moxxi, and both come in several different colors in case you aren't as partial to pinks and grays as I am. The hairstyle I'm wearing here is another Shade City style, and the skin is a browless skin from Adam n Eve in Caledonia, which is very helpful when you're trying to match your brows to a lighter hair color, and I've kept my makeup pretty basic and smudgy over top compared to the dramatic flare I gave my goth look. The last element of this outfit is the belted miniskirt from SingTel City. I find that this skirt, as much as I like it, can be a bit tricky to wear because of the muted colors. It's a bit of a brownish black rather than a "true" black, so wearing it with other black clothing doesn't look right. Grays, red, and blues are definitely the way to go with this piece.

Are you a punk princess, a gothic doll, a gleaming diva, a sporty chick, or a country gal? Email me and share your style!

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