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Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue World Style: Story of a Blue Mars Bunny

One of my favourite viral style trends in Second Life has been the Story of a Bunny avatars fashionistas donned a couple years ago. With rabbit heads and cute clothes on, droves of super cute bunny ladies hopped out into fields to snap pictures. Continuing my trend of profiling more unique styles on Fridays, and building up to Halloween of course, my outfit for today draws on my love for this truly unique anthro look.

This rabbit head from GridRock City is more realistic and proportionate than the Story heads, and it may be a bit less "kawaii" as a result, but it's very cute nonetheless with its long ears and bright beady eyes. I'd love to see matching tails or a few different colours, but for now I've dressed in dark muted colours to compliment the woodsy brown of the rabbit fur, including a pair of brown boots by Mako Magellan in Caledonia. The top and skirt portion of this ensemble are both from Cloud City, which is quickly becoming a digital cosplayer's dream shop. Sold as separates, they're modeled after the outfit of pink-haired Japanese virtual pop diva Megurine Luka, and seemed like a perfect match with this bunny head to really ramp up the kawaii-ness. I love the twisted and wrapped belts around the hips on the skirt especially.

What does your Blue Mars bunny-look look like? If rabbits aren't your thing, you can also find goldfish-shaped head masks in heads in Misty Hollow– what about Story of a Goldfish? Leave a comment, post to Flickr, or email me!

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