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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blue World Style: Stylin' New Blue Mars Shoes at 8502.Bauhaus

Jasmine tipped me off earlier this week that a new shop had opened up in GridRock City with the cutest shoes called 8502.Bauhaus, and I was immediately itching to grab a pair or three. Today I've styled a retro-feeling outfit around my favorite of their new releases, a pair of black and white cutout pumps (though their gladiator-inspired sandals are also to die for). This is a pretty simple look to achieve, so if you want something cute and classic but you're on a budget, this is definitely an ensemble you should consider.

  • As I mentioned, the shoes are from 8502.Bauhaus, and also come in solid purple and solid brown. I love the style of these shoes, and the detailing on the straps though it's a bit subtle. My one complaint is how the toes sit in the front of the shoe do to the height of the platform, but given the overall look of the shoe it's an issue I can live with comfortably.
  • The dress pictured is one of my absolute favorite releases by Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade. It has a definite vintage feel to it, and the velvety pencil-fit bodice and skirt are flattering on every avatar. If you want a slightly more modest look, try layering it with a button-up blouse from Fashion Esplanade, or a bolero from Zuma in Misty Hollow.
  • The final touches are a skin from Moxxi in Port Town layered with a dramatic cat-eye and classic red lipstick, and the versatile black bob from Shade City, which has become my go-to hairstyle to match just about any outfit.
When I was initially looking for the new shop, I made the mistake of teleporting to the GridRock marketplace only to come up empty handed– instead, click the 8502 Bauhaus teleporter and follow the sandy path to the edgy outdoor shop display, quite separate from the GridRock market.

As always, send me your Martian fashion and style tips by email, or leave a comment!

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