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Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue World Style Tip: Find the Perfect Halloween Picture Backdrop in Shade City

Last Friday I shared a stylishly spooky Halloween witch look, and today I thought I would share where I took that picture to help you stage your own spooky pictures for our Halloween costume Facebook promotion! Photographers are a little bit at the mercy of a city designer's lighting choices in Blue Mars, so finding the perfect haunting backdrop can take some trial and error.

My setting of choice for spooky pics is the forest in Shade City. If you run past the shopping center into the trees, you'll find that your surrounding will turn from day to night in a matter of moments. Then, look up for one of the most gorgeous virtual skies that I've ever seen, complete with ghostly aurora effects, glittering stars, and even a breathtaking view of earth and the moon. It's a great backdrop for some haunting seasonal pics, or just for virtual stargazing!

What's your favorite spooky backdrop for Blue Mars photography? Leave a comment or email me, and don't forget to submit a picture of your costumed avatar there for 1000 BLU$!

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