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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue World Style: Try This Scary-Sexy Blue Mars Succubus Costume on for Size

I mentioned the new shop BS! in Misty Hollow yesterday for their cat ears and tail set, and today I've gone back for a second fix. All week I'll be flaunting a variety of Blue Mars costumes, from sweet to smoking hot, to go along with this weeks Halloween-themed events (including the costume contest that I will be judging this coming Friday at 6pm PDT!). Today, BS! items are making up the majority of this succulent succubus look, along with a few accents from some other favorite shops!

  • This rather daring high-collar red dress from BS! is perfectly devilish, but if you want something a little more angelic it also comes in a frosty blue color.
  • I'm wearing it with a cropped black hairstyle and some epic bull's horns, also from BS!. I'd even love to see some elegantly curled ram's horns in the future.
  • I've added a pair of red platform mules from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates, which are a bit tartier than I would wear normally, but Halloween is all about hyperbole and going over the top, so these super-sexy shoes are a natural fit!
  • The final touch (other than dark red lipstick and dramatic black eyeliner) are these demon's wings by Cloud10 in Cloud City. They're also available in more angelic styles that would suit the blue version of this dress, if you're not feeling the red-hot temptress look.

Are you perfectly angelic or deliciously devilish? Either way, don't forget to enter your Halloween costume picture for 1000BLU$!


  1. John,

    "i like ur work,luv u man"

    Does this actually intensify the temptation to click on the proffered link and read more of your writings? If so, I might well experiment with a total disregard for spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, relevance, gender, and even content, myself.


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