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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blue World Style: The Wicked Witch of Blue Mars

The black-robed witch is one of the most popular and timeless Halloween costumes, and it's as easy to achieve as it is classic, even in Blue Mars. For my first Halloween-inspired look of the month, I'm going for a pretty simple and sexy witch look, but read to the end for a few tips on how you could take this ensemble to the next level!

I've started with the witch hat and hair from Costume Trends in Venezia, though I've layered it over the default long black hairstyle to give it a bit more volume. For my dress, I'm wearing an arcane robe from GridRock City. Costume Trends offers a dress to go with the witch hair, and while it has more detail than the dress from GridRock City, the neckline is a bit too high and dowdy for my style of witch. I'm also wearing a pair of ruby pumps, Wicked Witch style, from Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates (which appear transparent due to my own lighting and not the design itself). Lastly, I've matched the shoes with a luminous ruby necklace from Sketchy Fever in Gaia.

If you want to look a bit more authentic, Adam n Eve in Caledonia has a perfectly ghoulish green skin that would be perfect for a witch or any number of other costumes, rather than the more human skin by Estelle Parnall of Fashion Esplanade that I'm wearing– and though my mole is on my cheek, you may want to create one on the end of your nose or your chin! Likewise if you're not wild about the Oz-style ruby pumps, a couple doors down from Adam n Eve you can pick up a pair of Victorian lace-up boots by Mako Magellan.

Don't forget to enter your most hauntingly creative avatar look into Blue Mars' Halloween Costume Contest at 6pm PDT on October 29th in the Welcome Area, and remember to submit a spooky costume picture to our Facebook Page before the 31st for a reward of 1000 BLU$! Check out the details, and some more costume ideas, here!

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