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Friday, October 15, 2010

Developer Mesh Challenge: Can you Import Your Blue Mars Meshes Into Second Life (Or Vice Versa)?

Here's a challenge for Blue Mars developers who also develop mesh in Second Life, which just launched in open Beta: Can you import a mesh object made for Second Life into Blue Mars, or vice versa? Since both use COLLADA-compatible meshes, this should be quite possible. If you're up for this challenge, send me screenshots of the same object in each world, via email to me, hamlet at bluemarsonline dot com, or Tweet it at me @SLHamlet, or Plurk it to me at Hamlet_Au. I'll display the best examples here!

Pictured: T-Rex skeleton Second Life mesh by Timmi Allen (photo by Indigo Martel) and fantastic Blue Mars avatar mesh by Arzach Mills.

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