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Friday, November 5, 2010

Blue World Style: Replicants on (Blue) Mars

I'm on a bit of a makeup-kick lately, and there was one look that I absolutely had to recreate in Blue Mars. Among all of the iconic eye candy that came from Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner", one of the most enduring visuals (for fashionistas, at least) is the stripe of black eyeshadow worn by replicant Pris. This particular makeup look has become a staple for cyberpunk outfits. Of course I find the idea of an avatar dressed as an android delightfully à propos, so I created a Blue Mars cosmetics layer of this recognizable mask, and styled my outfit around it. Click here to download the makeup, and keep reading for the full outfit details!

  • I feel a little guilty for how heavily I've been leaning on Tirion Designs in Tharsis Estates [Blink Teleport] lately, but with consistent releases and a broad variety of styles and options, I really can't help myself. Their design output is very admirable, and though I don't exactly like seeming redundant, Tirion is really a go-to shop for me whenever there's something missing in an outfit. In this case, however, my shoes, dress, and hair are all from Tirion. The animated force-field boots are a sci-fi favorite of mine, and fit perfectly with the more recently released purple minidress. This minidress is made of a mesh-like material with an almost plastic piped trim. As a result the little gaps of the mesh and the glossy trim catch the light in very interesting ways, and combine to make a very futuristic-looking piece of clothing.
  • My skin and shape are both from Moxxi in Port Town [Blink Teleport], which is also the location where I took my pictures today. It's not quite the epic neon dystopia of the neo-noir classic, but the gritty urban-industrial atmosphere seemed close enough.
Do you have a dashing Deckard look, or a ravishing Rachel avatar? Comment, or send me an email!

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