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Friday, February 4, 2011

Avatar Reality Releases Blue Mars iOS App

We are excited to announce the release of our first Blue Mars application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, now available for download from the App Store!
Said our President & Co-Founder, Kazuyuki Hashimoto, “The launch of the Blue Mars application is a huge step forward in helping us reach our number one goal – growing the user community – by making the platform easier to access by more people. Additionally, since all of the in-world content is developer created, there will be a big opportunity for developers to grow their businesses and brand exposure.”
“Our company is now focused on not only enhancing the app with future updates, but also on improving the Blue Mars platform and the integrated experience between the two,” added Kaz.
This first version of the application allows users to view and rate avatars and fashions from Blue Mars, which populates the results on the "Top-Rated". They can also use the "Recents" option to track avatar updates and see the latest fashions. Future updates will include such enhancements as avatar customization, interaction with other social networking platforms, the ability to chat with other Blue Mars users, and integrated shopping of clothing and other items via Apple's in-App purchase feature.
The free Blue Mars app can be downloaded from the App Store,or can be accessed from the Blue Mars website (
Come celebrate the launch of the app with us at today's Chinese New Year Celebration!


  1. There does not appear to be any link on the website as mentioned in the next to last paragraph.

  2. Danielle: There is now an "Available on the App Store" button at the top of the Blue Mars main website. Please try refreshing the page.

  3. It'd be neat to have a QR code on your RL biz card that loads your Blue Mars av... Just need a url that launches the app (pointing to a particular avtar id). Request for an API?

  4. Here are some screenshots

  5. While I see that the mobile platform looks outstanding, i am pretty upset that the Otoy servers won't be released. :( I was hoping for the Mac computers would be able to play on blue mars. :( But, I did find this interesting article. :)

  6. I thought they closed blue Mars?! Im a litte confused right now is it working on your phones, cause its not running on my laptop.


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