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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looks Like Love in Blue Mars

Looking for a spot to dance in the moonlight? Try Blue Mars, after all, Mars has two moons and plenty of romantic places to choose from. Beaches and palm trees abound in Digital DNA and Pavonis. Stroll through lush forests in Wildwood and Turkish Island. Find a table for two in Caledonia, Tharsis, or Misty Hollow.
What to wear? Gentlemen have choices in Tharsis and Caledonia. Fashions for ladies include elegant gowns and cute tees in Fashion Esplanade, chic dresses in Shade City, versatile separates in Misty Hollow and Tharsis. We have a selection of hand-held items now as well. Select a beverage in Misty Hollow. While you are there, pick up the animations to hold and sip it. DavyRocket also has a red rose for the ladies. Accent your wardrobe with jewelry from Anon's shops, GridRock City, Caledonia, and Fashion Esplanade. You can find customized skins and eye colors in Caledonia and Port Town as well.
What to do? Blue Mars offers on-going opportunities for quests, bowling, snowboarding, and golf and our weekly schedule of games and events. We hope you will join us for two events specific to Valentine's Day. On Friday, Feb. 11 (4pm PST) we're hosting a Heart-to-Heart Dance to celebrate Valentines and to welcome our new members. On Feb. 14th, we're hosting a party at the Welcome Area bar with romantic trivia and games. At both of these events, we are offering special Valentine's gifts including "Be Mine" tees and hand-held items for both men and women.
Let Blue Mars share a little love with you!

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