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Monday, March 7, 2011

Blue Mars Version 0.87 Now Live!

The lastest version of the Blue Mars PC Client was released Friday night. Version 0.87 contains some great new additions to help new members become acquainted with the Blue Mars interface and to help all members communicate and customize more easily.
Members are now introduced to Blue Mars with a mini tutorial on the basics of walking and talking as they enter the Welcome Area. Interactive signs point them to areas of interest such as the Dance Floor, Stage area, and the new Reversi game! Yes, we now have a two-person interactive game in the Welcome Area. Players choose a color and take turns playing to entrap markers of the opposing color. White chips in a line, when trapped by blue chips at each end, will reverse to blue. The object of the game is to dominate the board with your own color.
Another great new feature is the Twitter link built in to the UI. Members now have the ability to tweet information and pictures directly from the client. Here's how:
  • Click the little birdie icon (Twitter icon)
  • Write your message in the pop up box
  • Submit the tweet

Easy enough! The first time you tweet, you will be asked for permission to post on your Twitter page. After that, you can tweet automatically. You can also post pictures to, and share those on Facebook and other social channels.

What else is new?

  • Seven new shapes in the face designer
  • Bug fixes to the profile display
  • Improved lighting in the Point of Sale display

We're moving forward in Blue Mars!

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