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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring into Action in Blue Mars!

Don't miss the action in Blue Mars! This week brought us animations to swim and to fly, and we started a campaign to help our neighbors. We had a selection of new designs and builds, and we'll wrap up the week with a Spring Fling Dance and Fashion Show.
The disaster in Japan has left many of our friends struggling to set their lives back in order. To show our support, we've added a link to a site that is collecting donations to the Red Cross, UNICEF, and other aid organizations. Also, we have a shirt created for our members to call attention to the situation and encourage members to donate. For your free shirt, contact JosieBlues in the PC client. Alternately, you can retweet our tsunami message left on Twitter with BlueMarsOnline. Our hearts and thoughts are with all of those who have been affected.
On a lighter note, DavyRocket has created some animations that will allow members in our PC client to swim and fly as alternatives to walking and running. Watch the video demonstration by Aniline at this link:
Animations are available in Misty Hollow in Davy's mall. You may also want to visit Fashion Esplanade for Estelle's latest tops for men and women, and be sure to see the new TownHouse in Beach City by hirasawatei. Screenshots of the latest in Blue Mars are available at Flickr. (
Be sure to join us Friday, March 25, for our Spring Fling Dance and Fashion Show. The festivities begin at 4pm PDT, but we'll be there early and late for those with time change challenges. In addition to the usual dances to the music of 106themix, we'll offer the following BLU$ prize opportunities:
  • Most colorful facepaint
  • Best floral facepaint
  • Most original facepaint
  • Best male spring fashion
  • Best female spring fashion

Participants can use posing animations created by DavyRocket to model their outfits for us. Everyone will receive a complimentary copy of these animations as well as some new spring hair and our Blue Mars Cares tees. Those modeling for us will earn some designer beads; carved shell for the guys and glowing red for the ladies.

Please select your music favorites for this event by making requests close to time for the dance. The request line is here: You're allowed three requests per 40 min.

Spring into action with us in Blue Mars!

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