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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Upgrade to Blue Mars Mobile is Now Live!

Hurray! Blue Mars Mobile 1.1 is now live! Thousands of fashions, accessories, and other virtual items created by the Blue Mars development community are available for in-app purchase. Users also have access to several free items which were provided by developers.

Other new features include in-app avatar creation and customization, an improved voting system to rate avatars, and multiple ways to search for items and other users. Additionally, account information is now fully integrated so that users who sign up via the app can use the same username and password to access the PC version. According to Kazuyuki Hashimoto, Avatar-Reality President and Co-founder, "Users now have an app where they can not only create, customize, and shop for their avatars in beautiful 3D detail, but also enjoy a constant stream of new creations from the development community. For developers, this is a huge opportunity to grow their businesses and brands, and to reach a new audience."

The Blue Mars app can be downloaded or upgraded from the App Store. For more information on becoming a developer for the Blue Mars Platform, visit

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