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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Creatures in Mars Party on April 15

It's April, and it's Party Time! This Friday our party will be Spring Creatures of Mars! Join us as we celebrate the Wild Thing in us all this Friday, April 15 at 4pm PDT (7pm EDT, midnight GMT).
Who attends? Any member of Blue Mars who would like to! Sometimes the staff drops by. The volunteers and the dancing bots are regulars. We congregate to welcome any new members or others who have questions or interest related to Blue Mars. This is a great time for those who found Blue Mars Mobile to take a peek into Blue Mars PC to explore that facet of the Blue Mars universe. Anyone who thinks Friday nights are meant for music, friendship, and fun are welcomed.
This week, our contributing designers, DavyRocket and SMZ-Greenie, have promised some creature freebies. We're not exactly sure what they will make for us, but I've heard whispers about wings and curly horns as party favors for our guests.
There will be opportunities for BLU$, too. Prizes will be awarded for
  • Best Creature Costume (points for originality)
  • Best Creature Face Paint
  • Best Creature Performance by an avatar!

Music this week will be provided by 106themix. Be sure to request your favorite songs for the party playlist. Use their request line 20 minutes or so before the party starts. Choose your favorite tunes, or pick some with a creature theme!

If 4pm PDT is a bit late for you, come to the Welcome Area in Blue Mars early to show us your creature costume or face paint. We'll be sure you get the party favors, too!

If you are a Blue Mars Mobile user and you can't get into Blue Mars, show us your creature look on your BMM avatar! Message JosieBlues, so I can show everyone else the Martian Wild Thing in YOU by posting it on Flickr.

See you Friday in Blue Mars!


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