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Monday, April 25, 2011

Styling for BLU on Blue Mars Mobile

The temperature may vary more on Mars, but the avatars are hot! Now you can win BLU for your fashion sense and style. We're going to offer BLU prizes to our top rated avatars, with 2000 BLU going to number one! Who can stop with just one, though? Positions 2-10 will win 1500 BLU, 11-31 win 1000 BLU and others in the top 50 will win 500. Voting ends May 1.
How can you win more votes? Make yourself easy to find!
  • Not only can you find avatars by checking top-rated, you can also get to the top of the 'Recents' list by buying new outfits and changing often.
  • Make yourself more visible, literally, by adding a photo to your app profile.
  • Notify your twitter followers. Remember, your tweets show up over your head! Use this link to point directly to your avatar: (Insert your name in place of 'username')
  • Invite your friends to download Blue Mars Mobile and ask them to vote for you! Go to "Help > Invite a Friend" to send them an invitation email.
Don't forget! The polls close May 1.

Good luck, look sharp, enjoy Blue Mars Mobile!

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