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Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations to Stephany, Blue Mars Mobile Top Rated Avatar!

Over the past week, avatars on Blue Mars Mobile have been strutting their style and flashing their fashion. Voting closed on May 1, and we now have our Top Fifty fashionable avatars.

Stephany, always stylish, and full of encouraging comments to other top fashionistas, landed the #1 spot and wins 2000 BLU. The rest of the top 10, Kaylu, farahxox, nicci_uk, JESSET, JessicasMystery, madelicious84, sunpetal, estelleparnall, and ciara-pagie, win 1500 BLU.

Avatars rated 11-30 are also winnrs of 1000 BLU, and the remainder of the top 50 win 500 BLU.

Congratulations to you all! Look for more contests to come on Blue Mars Mobile.

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  1. Some1 commented on how great my avatar profile looked even though I have never been on the iOS version of BM. Weird, who dressed him? did he dress himself?
    Also if my avatar has a profile on there, how did he not get voted #1 :).


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