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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Blue Mars Mobile (v. 1.4) Connects Across the Net and into Reality!

Introducing some very cool features in our latest version of Blue Mars Mobile!

In our previous mobile version we connected to the Blue Mars PC client and to Twitter. Now you can link directly to Facebook as well! With one touch of a button you'll be able to send your current screen shot to Facebook. You can link Facebook back to your avatar, too, using a URL of this format:

How do we interface reality, you ask? We have added some new Augmented Reality to our Martian magic! Would you like a video of you and your avatar dancing at your next party? It's possible! Just place an AR marker at the position where you want your avatar to show up, then let the cameras roll! Your avatar will appear standing on the marker in your screen shot or video. Want to share vacation shots? Add your avatar to serve as a guide. Then share your tour photos via a tweet in Blue Mars Mobile.

The size of the avatar will depend on the size of the marker. Two sizes are currently available for printing from links at this link:

Download the latest version of Blue Mars Mobile (v. 1.4) at the App Store.

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