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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day with Blue Mars!

What connects us all? The planet we live on, for one! Let's get together to celebrate the beauty, life force, and conservation of Earth. Earth Day is Friday, April 22, and we have a party planned in the Blue Mars welcome area dancefloor.

We'll start with music, dancing, and party favors for all. DavyRocket has made some gifts for us including a beautiful Blue Earth pendant. The guys have a blue jay to wear on the shoulder, and the ladies will receive a teddy bear to hold. See all the prizes at this link.

There will be opportunities to win BLU$, too. You can win by sharing an original poem about Earth or any Earth Day related topic or by sharing a great way to conserve the energy and resources of our planet.

If 4pm PDT is a bit late for you, come by the Welcome Area early. The volunteers will be there to hear your poem or other Earth Day ideas, and you can pick up your free gifts.

For this event we have another way you can win, too! We have an Earth Day 2011 Quest set up in Misty Hollow. Here's how it works:

  • Go to Misty Hollow
  • Travel to Green Hill and follow the road to the river
  • Click the watering can to cross the river
  • Now click the new watering can for your first quest clue
  • Each clue has some information and a question for you to answer
  • After each correct answer, you will get more information
  • Make note of the new information
  • Move to the next station. Just keep going along the river while keeping the river to your right side.
  • Complete all 15 stations to win our Earth Day shirt.

We're all winners when we save the Mother Earth. Enjoy the celebration on her offspring Blue Mars!

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