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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Blue Mars Client and SDK Release Coming Soon!

--Jasmine Spearing, Marketing Associate

Our engineers have been working hard the last 6 weeks to make some big improvements to Blue Mars, and to give us some new features! So what do we have for you this time?

New Features and Feature Updates for the Blue Mars Client:

•New and improved Welcome Area: Check out our beautiful new Welcome Area! Complete with a brand new stage, dance floor, streaming music player, beach area, ball game and tutorial links to help our new members get started!

•New Avatar Customization Menu: An aesthetic boost to the UI, as well as new features! Now you can wear many more items at once!

•Changes to Avatar Movement:

New WASD avatar control scheme:
o A: Current control scheme (with avatar pivoting in place)
o B: New control scheme (avatar moves to direction of key click without pivoting)

•Press the "R" key to turn "Always Run" function on or off. When turned on, the avatar will run even if you click a short distance ahead.

More Option Control:

•Press Ctrl+H to hide the UI (Menu Tray, Exit icon, your avatar's and other avatars' name display). Much better for taking screen shots and creating machinima!
o If you also want to hide the chat box, close it (by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the box) before you press Ctrl+H to hide the UI.
o If the chat box is open when you hide the UI, the chat box will still be displayed, but it will be disabled. Press Ctrl+H again to enable chat.

•Cosmetics: You can now save versions of your cosmetics and face paint!
o Export and import your cosmetics data to your computer as a .csd file.

•Hate the Blue Cone? Good news! The blue pointer cone can now be turned off from the Options menu.

•Want Blue Mars to look even better?- Very High mode has been added to Rendering Quality option. This setting is recommended for very fast computers with high-end rendering cards only.

•Click the wrench icon on the bottom menu tray or press Ctrl+O to open the Options menu, then go to Display > Rendering Quality. oFeatures that only work on Very High mode:
 Motion Blur
 Depth of Focus
 Parallax Occlusion Mapping

•"Buy BLU" button added to Menu Tray. You can now buy BLU for your user account in-world! No more searching for an ATM!

•Shopping just got easier! -Nearby shop names are now displayed when you zoom out to the overhead map view.

Changes to Chat:

•Copy/Paste and Multi-language Support for Local and Private Chat!

•Private Chat and Local Chat windows are now integrated into one.

•Multi-Person Private Chat: Drag a user from the Friends List into an existing chat tab to start a conference chat.

•On/Off button for voice chat added to chat box.No more microphone scuffling noises! With Voice Chat turned ON, click on the Voice icon next to the chat text box to Mute/Unmute your voice.

•Bug: When you enlarge the chat window and then shrink the resolution of the client, the chat window doesn't shrink with it.
o Solution: Double-click the top of the chat window to go back to default size.

Download the new Client here when the update is released!

We also made exciting changes to our Developer SDK and Dev MyPage, including releasing the brand NEW Animation Editor! Follow the links below to see all changes and new features for the developers once the new update is released:

Client, Developer, and Dev MyPage Release Notes:
  • Release Notes

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