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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Behind the Design: Blue Mars Clothing and Shoe Designer Mako Magellan

--Jasmine Spearing

Mako Magellan is known throughout Blue Mars and Second Life as a designer of the finer things. His clothing designs exude elegance and sophistication, and are a direct reflection of the man who makes them.

Magellan, who hails from Australia, has been a Blue Mars designer since April 2009, when he started learning Blender, and then began experimenting with the sandbox editors.

He was designing in Second Life prior to that, but was attracted to Blue Mars because “of the rigorous approach to the protection of intellectual property”, he said.

Although he has only been a virtual designer since 2007, Magellan has been involved in art and design in different forms for all of his life, and remembers his first video game experience, playing Pong at the café at St. Pancras Station, in London.

He holds an honors degree in Fine Arts, and lists his hobbies as “everything from oriental calligraphy to rock climbing”, but admits that designing for Blue Mars has become a big part of his free time.

He believes that virtual worlds are entertaining and engaging, but hopes that people won’t take them too seriously.

“I would hate to think that people get so absorbed by virtual reality that they start to forget where they really live. The real world is, and should forever be, far more important to everyone,” he said.

Magellan considers virtual worlds to be a showcase for the differences among people.

“One thing [virtual worlds] have taught me is that there is far greater diversity in attitudes, interests, tastes and ethics than I had hitherto suspected,” he said. “Whatever one person finds disgusting, another will find exciting; whatever one person finds dull, another will find fascinating.”

Mako observes, “Another interesting lesson is to see how people behave when there is anonymity and no threat of accountability; some people are quite inspiring under these circumstances, others are not.”

You can find Mako Magellan's fine clothing store and shoe store in Caledonia in Blue Mars, as well as in Beach City. Visit Blue Mars to check out more of his designs!

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