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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Become a Martian Robot This Friday!

This Friday the Blue Martians will entertain our new members at the I AM Robot Dance. All members are invited to join the Avatar Reality staff and volunteers as we put our best electronic feet forward.

DavyRocket is going to help us with that by providing a Robot Dance animation, free to the party goers. Arzach will add to the festivities as well, with a hand-held laser pistol for the party favor list.

Those pistols will look fabulous with Arzach's cool robot costumes (available at Beach City). And for those new members who haven't found their BLU$ yet, we will offer a robotic tee to help you join in the fun.

There will be opportunities to win BLU$ prizes and one of Arzach's cool costumes, too! You can win in the following categories:
  • --Best robot face paint
  • --Best robot personna (costume, face, dancing, dialogue)

The robot population will be represented as well. You can dance with the Blue Mars Dancing Bots, and Fortune Teller Rosie will join us to answer questions about your chances of winning fame and fortune as a dancer. Hope to see you there for the fun on Friday!

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