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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Leprechaun Dance Today!

No matter where you are, be Irish for one more day! Join us for the Lucky Leprechaun Dance. We'll be offering BLU$ prizes for the Best Celtic/Irish Costume and for the Best Leprechaun Face paint. In addition to that we have prizes for all!
  • Green beer by DavyRocket
  • Lucky shamrocks with four-leaf clovers guaranteed by SMZ-Greenie
  • Kick up your heels to an Irish Jig animation too, also by DavyRocket

And who knows? There could be more! For sure there will be fun, music, and dancing as we welcome our new members and mingle with the staff and volunteers.

We expect a bit of confusion over the time change, so you'll find the vols there early and staying a bit late. Party time is 4pm PDT. That's 7pm EDT in the US, and as far as we can figure that's 11pm GMT, 11pm UK, and midnight in Central Europe.

Music provided by See our ad there! Also, close to party time, be sure to request up to three of your favorites from this link:

See you at the party for a lucky kiss and a dance!


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