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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you a Blue Mars colonist?

--Glenn Sanders, Community Director
--(Originally Posted) Aug. 24, 2009

The first poll is closed. See the blog above for the new poll based on the results of the first one.

Do you consider yourself to be a "colonist" of Blue Mars. Or do you prefer the word "denizen"... Hmm, what about the word "native"...?

Here we are, making choices that will impact every Blue Mars visitor forevermore. What should we call our members?

We need a term that would work for everyone, from RPGers to scientists to fashionistas to artists to educators. We would love to hear your idea. So vote now and help us to make this historic decision!

Thanks for voting in the first poll! Here are the results:             These are the "Other" names that were suggested:
Other 35             Mariner
Colonist 18 BMP (Blue Mars Person)
Resident 14 Customer
Martian 14 BluMer / BluMers
Settler 4 enlightened
Native 3 living-blues
Dweller 3 Citizen
Denizen 2 blook (blue bloke)
Player 2 Patrician
Mariner     2 Blue Martians
Total 97

Let us know what you think on the Blue Mars Forum.

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