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Thursday, April 15, 2010

POLL: Names for Blue Mars Volunteers?

--Glenn Sanders, Community Director
--(Originally Posted) Oct. 21, 2009

Update: Nov. 20 -- The poll results showed Martian Mentor as the most popular name, closely followed by Blue Mentor, with Mars Mentor coming up last. So Tiffany is finishing up the Martian Mentor designs for our special volunteer T-shirts right now. Look for them in an upcoming Blue Mars release!

We will be handing out the first T-shirts to the volunteers we see in world each week. The free Beach City apartments for volunteers are almost ready to go too. So, although we've somewhat quiet recently, it's just because we have been preparing rewards and a Training Guide for volunteers. Stay tuned. Lots more to come!

Update: Nov. 4 -- We've made a new poll with the top 3 most popular names for volunteers. Which is your favorite?

Oct 21 -- As we gear up for the Blue Mars volunteer program, we're designing a special T-shirt for our beloved volunteers.

This naturally leads to the design for the shirt. What name should we use for the volunteers?

Tiffany and I brainstormed a number of names like: Dr. Blue Mars, Dr. Blue, Dr. Mars, Doc Mars, Blue Mars Mentor, Blue Mars Geek, Blue Geeks, Blue Geek Squad, Blue Guide, Blue Mars Guide, Blue Pro, Mars Pro, Mars Pros, Martian Pro, Blue Mars Coach, Coach Blue, Coach Mars...

But we need your input so we don't end up choosing a really silly name that no one likes.

So, take a second to click the survey and let us know your fav name.

By the way, over 200 members have written us to volunteer their time and expertise, helping to welcome new members, show them around and answer questions. Fantastic! Thanks to all of you.

We're in the process of setting up some free apartments in Beach City for the volunteers. The most active mentors will get first dibbs...

To become an esteemed volunteer, visit our volunteers page!

Let us know what you think on the Blue Mars Forum.

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