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Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue World Style: Cute and Cozy Casuals from Exp Inc.

The vast majority of virtual fashionistas tend to rely heavily on casual everyday styles that speak to fashion reality more than fashion fantasy. While virtual worlds afford us the freedom to be and look almost however we want, the option to add a slight polish on reality is sometimes all we want. This is why I've become rather smitten with the Exp Inc. brand by Jun Ikeda, found in Shade City (Blink Teleport here).

Exp Inc. has a style that's a little different than other casualwear designers in Blue Mars at the moment. The sweaters and tops in particular have generous folds and drapes, making them feel quite plush without being too bulky. This sweaterdress is a good example of this-- the mesh itself is thin but sculpted in a way that quite realistically suggests a heavier material, while at the same time it doesn't look like it's several sizes too big for my avatar's body. This can be a tricky balance to maintain for a digital designer, and Jun has done it with blouses, cardigans, and cap-sleeved t-shirts in addition to this chic belted dress.
  • I've accessorized this outfit simply with a high ponytail from Shade City, a pair of white gladiator wedges from 8502.Bauhaus in GridRock City (Blink Teleport here), and a pair of riding pants in graphite (which pass very nicely for trendy leggings) from irkmade in Caledonia (Blink Teleport here).
Do you prefer to dress your avatar casually, or do you like to shake off all RL constraints on your virtual self? Leave a comment, or email me!

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