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Friday, December 3, 2010

Blue World Style: Turn Heads with Adam N Eve's Latest Eyecatching Blue Mars Release

Adam n Eve has recently released a dozen gorgeous and varied eyes for avatars, and I am wildly in love with almost every pair. Being able to change the color and texture of my eyes is something that I've been aching for in Blue Mars fashion, and it can be integral to making a face that really attracts you. Well textured eyes can really breathe new life into an avatar, and can even help you overcome some of the "creepiness" of the Uncanny Valley. While it's a good starting point to pick from the common eye colors when you're first building your avatar, real eyes have much more variety, and of course once you start considering more unrealistic eye options you open the doors to a flood of new options. Clockwise from top left, I am wearing Adam n Eve eyes in Elmstone, Dewlark, Dewash, Dewraven, and Frostflower. I should admit that my pictures don't quite do these stunning eyes justice. They are beautifully shaded, glossed, and the coloring of the irises has a great deal of depth. These eyes are a startlingly vivid addition to an avatar, and from now on it should go without saying that I will never be seen without a pair. There is a bit of a trick to wearing these pretty peepers, however. In the Body editor, you'll need to make sure that eye eyes are layered after your skin and shape, in case either one of them have an eye texture in place that would cover up your Adam n Eve eyes. You can pick up these colors and more from Adam n Eve's newly expanded shop in Caledonia (Blink Teleport here).

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