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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blue World Style: New Hairstyles from Moxxi Will Blow You Away

I tend to like to change my hair to suit my outfits, but because hair design is somewhat intimidating to content creators, the options aren't always as diverse as I would like. So of course when I spotted a cute little cropped brunette style on someone's avatar in a screenshot, I immediately had to know where it was from. I can't say I was surprised when I was told it was a new release from Moxxi in Port Town (Blink teleport here), given their track record. It's no secret that I'm a fan of just about everything at Moxxi, so I had to grab a couple of these new hairstyles as well.

The first style, pictured above, is only available in brown, but it has quite realistic textures, complete with stray strands and pieces that add to the natural look of the style. The overall effect is a character that would look absolutely at home in a 3D rendering program-- and an avatar a lot of us could only dream about before.

The second style released at Moxxi comes in a few different colors (but I'll always be a brunette at heart!). The texturing on this style is much sleeker and glossier than the first style I mentioned. While that hair is a more mussed and natural look, this one is immaculately groomed. This soft-edged bob is a pretty versatile design that could go with just about anything, while the messy short style would likely go best with casual wear. I'll admit I don't usually wear many short hairstyles, but given the quality of these lovely 'dos I'm clearly going to have to make an exception!

Do you want to top Moxxi's styles? Check out these instructions to create your own luscious Blue Mars locks!

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