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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue World Style: Cyclic Gearz' Prizewinning Blue Mars Geisha Makeup

Yesterday I announced the semi-finalist of our November makeup contest, Boeman Fhang, and his playful cosmetics design. Today, I have the pleasure of announcing the grand prize winner, whose cosmetics design is inspired by the makeup worn by Geisha trainees.

Cyclic Gearz' Geiko makeup look struck me as the winner the second I saw it. Like Boeman, Cyclic takes advantage of the wide variety of shapes available in the cosmetics palette to create a very distinct and varied design. This look has all the subtle details in place that make it a perfect example of the capabilities of Blue Mars Cosmetics.

The whitening of the face, the very faint blushing of the hollows of the cheeks, the sparse brows, the sweep of red over the dramatically line eyelids, and of course the signature pinched red pouting lips-- all of these things work together to create an iconic look representing both cultural tradition and exaggerated femininity. I could go on and on about this breathtaking look, but instead I'll just share the download link for it so you can see for yourself!

I'm always thrilled to see the creativity that Blue Mars' cosmetics inspire! If you want to try your hand with these virtual makeup brushes, check out this post with all the tips and tricks you need to get started, and if you find yourself with a stunning design that you want to share don't be afraid to send it my way!

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