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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blue World Style: Have a Fashionable New Year in Estelle Parnall's New Dresses

Let me start off by saying.... Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve is a night of fireworks, stars, champagne, and elegant party dresses. Estelle Parnall has been preparing for a big of a comeback after a designing hiatus, and she very conveniently released two new designs just in time to help me start 2011 off on a fashionable foot. This elegant ruched dress is my favorite of the two designs, due to the very detailed nature of the mesh. Every wrinkled and fold is both on the dress texture, and in the underlying mesh. It's a beautiful example of how far Estelle's designs have come since she started creating in Blue Mars.

Estelle frequently releases items in a broad and varied color palette, which is easy to take for granted until you find something you love elsewhere, in a color that you despise. Estelle's range ensure that for any design you like, there will be a color combination that suits your tastes perfectly. In my case, I'm wild about the color pink, so I snagged both of Estelle's new releases in this charming hue. If you'd prefer something more mature, shades of red, brown, black, and blue are also abundant; for somethign a little wilder, try a mod pattern instead!

If you love this dress as much as I do, or want to see what else Estelle Parnall has to offer, head to her location in Shade City (Blink teleport here).

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